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In Connecticut, larceny is any kind of theft crime. If you shoplift, steal a car, buy stolen property and sell it to make money, or commit fraud, you can be charged with larceny. Larceny differs from robbery, in that no force or threat of force is used to take the item.

I'm John Walkley, a larceny defense lawyer in Milford, serving people in New Haven by appointment. There are six degrees of larceny in Connecticut, based on the value of the item taken. Any theft of property valued at less than $1,000 is a misdemeanor. Theft of property valued at $1,000 or more is a felony offense. First-degree larceny (sometimes called grand larceny) is theft of property over $10,000.

Most people charged with stealing a small amount of property are not concerned about jail. However, they are concerned about having a conviction on their record —and what effect that could have on their lives going forward.

Younger people applying for jobs are often asked on the employment application if they have been arrested or convicted of a crime. Most employers would be concerned about hiring someone who has been convicted for a property crime. In addition, there are many occupations with licensing requirements for which you need a clear record.

Defending Larceny Charges in Bridgeport, New Haven and Milford, CT

If you are a first-time offender, depending on the value of the property taken, we can often resolve larceny charges without you getting a criminal record. If you perform community service or make charitable donations, the prosecutor may be willing to drop the case.

Connecticut also offers Accelerated Rehabilitation for first-time offenders, depending on the value of the property taken. If I can convince the court that you are not likely to re-offend, or that there were extenuating circumstances in your case, the charges usually can be dismissed after you complete one-year probation.

Connecticut also offers the possibility of a pardon (also known as expungement) five years after your case is concluded. If we are successful in obtaining an expungement, the record of your larceny arrest will be cleared.

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